How To Write Fast For Amazon Self Publishing?by Amazing Creations

I almost never share  negative reviews, but…

It is really hard to overstate just how badly written this book is. So I’m just going to throw out some quotes from the actual book and let you decide for yourself:

“The best part is Amazon kindle itself is furthermore too much solid and even you can win money through this. You can get underneath points of interest at any rate:”

“Here my major secured part is the manner by which compose quickly and compose more books.”

“What is accurately making brisk for kindle”

And in the total word salad section, “A couple demonstrations of disregard can hamper your fan, social affair of individuals and sweethearts.”


There are a lot of very useful short books about self-publishing. Please read one of those….



5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors by Penny C. Sansevieri

I found this useful, mostly for the concrete action steps like “Pitch 5 bloggers a week” and “If you have single keywords, replace them with actual keyword strings.” The links for Ubersuggest .org (to find keywords) and to the list of top Amazon reviewers were also useful.

My only complaint here is that quite a few of these tasks are nowhere near 5 minutes. For example, Penny suggests writing at least one blog entry and ideally two each week. Unless you’re writing a single paragraph, that’s hardly a 5 minute task. Although I thought the biggest outlier was suggesting that you review another author’s book. This is a great idea, and something I do frequently, but it’s nowhere near a five minute task because you have to actually READ the book first!

Overall though, I got enough good suggestions from this book that I felt it was definitely worth the short read.