Something Short by Morrison & Lockwood

I don’t normally read “literary” fiction or selections of shorts outside of sci-fi; however, I came across this because I’d recently finished a paranormal (vampire) series by one of the authors (Lockwood). What I found here was an eclectic selection of short works including character sketches, short vignettes, and both literary and speculative fiction in short story form. If was a nice diversion. As I expected, I enjoyed Lockwood’s work – especially WINNERS AND LOSERS (a lovely speculative fiction piece) and GIMME SHELTER, which I recognized as the introduction to the main character in Lockwood’s later novel, Conversations with Tom.

Despite downloading this short anthology because of my familiarity with Lockwood, I must admit that I was really drawn in by Morrison’s insight. SECRETS especially resonated, “A tacit understanding was taking place, an alliance between my brother and I, against our parents. The things we would never say to them. I would never talk about being a lesbian; Alan would never talk of his love for performance bikes.” BEGONIA was also outstanding.

I definitely recommend this short anthology. And kudos to the authors for donating their profits to charity.