Deep Space Accountant by Mjke Wood

“Standing tall on the cliff edge; a steely adventurer’s glint in his eye; calculator in hand; an alien sky, albeit with only one sun and one moon; the wind-ruffled hair – not electron wind but near enough.”

I really love the underdog wins the world concept. And it’s hard to think of a less likely hero than an unassuming yet renegade accountant.

This was a great read. There were a few places where the author flexed his vocabulary a bit too obtusely – oleaginous? Passacaglia? But overall, this was a fun read – a quick paced adventure played out in a well-defined alternate universe. The imentor was a great concept – omniscient and caring yet reserved and (mostly) unwilling to intervene. I loved the concept of “smart” clothing. It made me wonder whether someday I might actually be trading my wearable tech (currently a Fitbit) for Smartipants? (Sadly, in the universe, if that happened I’d probably spend half my time waiting for my trousers to charge….)

I look forward to reading the next book in this series.


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