Tomoiya’s Story: Escape To Darkness by C.A. King

It’s amazing how many variations there are on the vampire mythology. In this one, the Golden Vampires cry diamonds like the fairies’ midwife, Queen Mab, who appeared in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, then later resurfaced in the mini-series Merlin.

Tomoiya’s Story combines that quite old mythology with a space faring society in a tale that seems somewhat unanchored in time.  If many ways, this could represent the origin story for much of vampire mythology; although the space opera context would create a future-past conundrum.

Regardless, Allaynie’s Story as it leads into Tomoiya’s Story is chilling but not how you would probably expect. The real villains here aren’t the vampires but the media. King nails their role in no uncertain terms:

“News – the fastest way to spread fear and hate. Journalists circled like vultures – thinking they were somehow doing their world a service. In reality, all they do is play into the hands of men with well-constructed plans….”

Excellent read. I look forward to reading more in this series.


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