Heist (L is for Librarian Book 2) by Tom Bruno

“So the Library, eh?  You’re the guys who travel through time and steal books.”

More librarians in space – in this episode, exploring the limits of space-time, trying to cheat the Muse of History without triggering a Hawking crisis!  I’m really enjoying the L is for Librarian books. Not quite a series, each book is unrelated except by topic. In this book, future librarians travel back in time to rescue the holdings of the great Library of Alexandria before they’re destroyed.

I actually referenced the predecessor to this book (Bibliophile, L is for Librarian Book 1) in my own book (Self-Publishing and Libraries) as an example of the micro-niche of self-published books by librarians about librarians! I was thrilled to discover that it was part of a series.

The attention to historical detail in this episode and the neat little intertwining anachronisms really made this story a lot of fun. Fans (and alums) of Harvard will find this especially entertaining:

“….Harvard College Library’s collections, which at the time were overflowing their designated holding place at Gore Hall.  Widener Library, it was called, a living tribute to Harvard alumnus and avid bibliophile Harry Widener, who had perished along with his father aboard the British passenger liner Titanic….”  Except, of course, that he hadn’t! Widener is one of the main characters, along with Mehmet Sohrabi, a classics scholar who, “wasn’t prepared for many aspects of time travel, but the worst of it in his opinion was the lack of coffee.”

This is a great, fun read!



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