Bibliophile (L is for Librarian Book 1) by Tom Bruno

Bibliophile is an adorable little book – a sci-fi tale discussing the importance of librarians in space! I actually referenced this book in my own book (Self-Publishing and Libraries) as an example of the micro-niche of self-published books by librarians about librarians! (Ya gotta luv the symmetry!)

The book itself is a wonderful read. Between references to Emerson and Plato, you’ll find Neo-transcendentalist settlers and anarchist librarians on the outer rim. The references to “future” authors were in themselves a hoot. I found myself thinking that I’d kinda like to read, “Hesprus, a fantasy writer from the Lesser Magellanic Cloud whose works had developed a small but cult following.  His Robar Trilogy detailed the epic struggle of good versus evil on a planet where humanity had awoken from millennia of cryogenic slumber to find that their dreams had manifested themselves into reality while they’d slept.”

Overall I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading the next two installments (currently out) in this series. My only complaint here is that the author needs a better proofreader. While there are only a handful of typos (“operating” instead of “operator”, “offer” instead of “author”) a work this length really should be typo free.

39 pages


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