Escape From Hell by Shervin Jamali

“So this is what depression feels like.  Sinking in quicksand, with only the Devil extending a hand to pull you out.”

Wow! The first book in this series, The Devil’s Lieutenant, was awesome. This sequel continues the winning streak.  Here we follow Michael from Hell to Heaven and back again. A lot.

Sassy as ever! Our anti-hero tells it like it is:

“Did God send you to punish me for killing my parents, Michael?”

“No, Maddie,” I respond.  “Unfortunately, I work for the other guy.”

Along with saucy writing and a kick-bottom plot that twists more than a pinwheel, the author’s cashed in Geek cred with pop culture references to everything from Groundhog’s Day and Star Wars to The Sixth Sense.

Strongly recommend!


One thought on “Escape From Hell by Shervin Jamali

  1. Escape From Hell by Shervin Jamali — Bibi Reviews Indie Books – horrorcontinued

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