Bibi Reviews Indie Books

Dubbed “Bibi” (pronounced Bee-Bee) by my grandkids, reading really is my passion. I read constantly, mostly works by self-published authors and small independent presses.  Philosophically, I have no issues with the Big 5 and traditional publishers. In practice, I find their selections predictable, expected…. Boring.  I gravitate to Indie works because I enjoy reading books that weren’t selected for their ubiquitous adherence to expectations. I want TRASHY novels, MESSY heroines, and — sometimes — even pretentiously condescending literati. I want all those things that aren’t easy to sell to a mass market with a Reality TV mentality and the attention span of a house cat….

As I read Indie works, I make it a point to always review them.  I write as well as read, and I understand how important those book reviews are to new authors trying to convince readers to take a chance and invest 5 or 6 hours reading a new author’s work.

A few weeks ago, I realized that I had posted over 500 reviews on Amazon. I also realized that Amazon is getting weird(er) about the way they display book reviews.  By default, they’re now hiding all Unverified reviews – those cases where the reviewer did not buy the book outright from Amazon. That’s unfortunate. Like many heavy readers who focus on Indie works, I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. So Amazon knows darn well that I “checked out” every book I reviewed. Still, those reviews are hidden by default.

Because I put a lot of thought into my book reviews, I wanted to make sure they don’t simply disappear. To that end, I thought I would Blog my reviews.  I hope you enjoy them!